Traffic lights for the build of R7 expressway installed

A summary of traffic light systems having been installed in regards to the build of the R7 expressway.

Construction traffic from the D4R7 construction site which crosses and affects the road III/1056 between Dunajská Lužná and Kalinkovo is now in operation, including a traffic-light controlled crossroad system having been installed to coordinate the traffic.

Further traffic lights have been installed on the roads:

  • Road III/1379 between Trnávka and Macov
  • Road III/1383 between Blatná na Ostrove and Macov

From August 14th, we will start with the installation of traffic lights on the road III/1382 between Lehnice and Blatná na Ostrove, together with traffic signs for construction traffic to access the road III/1389 between Čechová and Holice.

All the traffic lights are run in amber mode until a further notice when the construction works start.


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