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Assistance offer timeOnSite www.d4r7.com Stores time spent on site (without IP address). Session
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Assistance offer minimize-assistance-offer www.d4r7.com Stores assistance offer minimization status. Session
Ribbon minimize-ribbon www.d4r7.com Stores ribbon minimization status. Session

Google Analytics _ga .d4r7.com Used to distinguish users. This identifier cannot be used to identify a person. 2 years
_gat .d4r7.com Used to throttle request rate. 1 minute
_gid .d4r7.com Used to distinguish users. This identifier cannot be used to identify a person. 24 hours

Visitor vid .www.d4r7.com Stores unique identifier. This identifier for purpose of personalization is shared with Google LLC. By selecting this purpose you agree with processing of personal data for this purpose by using unique identifier. 2 years

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