D4R7 becomes the main partner of Student Civil Engineering Competition

The objective of the competition is to introduce students to the real-world civil engineering, motivate them to learn more about the construction sector and get young generation on board as future construction professionals.

The winners of the competition were announced during the STU Open Day Event which was held on 8th February 2018 at the premises of the Slovak University of Technology. This year, almost 500 hundred students from all parts of Slovakia took part in the competition. During an official speech of the main partner, Mr Juan José Bregel, the General Manager of the D4R7, expressed his gratitude to all the participants for joining the competition, for all their efforts and commitment, and congratulated the winners.

(from the right) Mr. Juan José Bregel, (GM D4R7 Construction s.r.o.) during the official award ceremony, the awarded students and representatives of the University Management (STU Bratislava).

The 2018 winners are:

1. Jakub Šperka - Gymnázium J. G. Tajovského, Banská Bystrica

2. Roman Fodor - SOŠ stavebná, Kremnička 10, Banská Bystrica

3. Erik Okoličany - SOŠ stavebná, Kremnička 10, Banská Bystrica


The best school was: SPŠ stavebná Oskara Winklera in Lučenec


Mr. Bregel further commented: “The Construction Joint Venture D4R7 that is formed by two international companies Ferrovial and PORR values a lot activities that can introduce students to the real-world civil engineering. We aim to support initiatives that can inspire, develop and open new horizons for those involved. This competition is one of these projects that, we believe, can motivate students to learn more about the construction sector and get young generation interested in the technical studies.”

After the official ceremony, Mr. Bregel continued the discussions with the university management on the current situation in Slovakia and a level of the young generation’s interest in the technical studies.


Mr. Juan José Bregel reassured the university with the company support, saying: “We are confident that our company, while building the D4R7 Bypass, can support universities of technology and its current and future students through sharing real construction experience, and expand the knowledge they can get with a unique experience which is directly linked to the construction practice, during upcoming phases of the build of the Bratislava Bypass.”

The sponsorship of this competition is one of the first community management activities to be organised by the D4R7 CJV in 2018, aiming to support initiatives that can inspire, develop and open new horizons for those involved.


About the D4R7:

The PPP project D4R7 - the Bratislava Bypass that consists of the D4 Motorway and R7 Expressway - is the construction of the southern part of Bratislava Bypass and part of the southern expressway network, linking the western and the eastern part of Slovakia with the entire length of more than 59 km. The project involves the construction of 14 interchanges, 122 bridge structures, a new bridge over the river Danube and a new viaduct near Slovnaft.

The design and construction of the 27 km long motorway (D4) and 32 km long expressway was awarded to the consortium between Ferrovial Agroman and PORR - D4R7 Construction s.r.o.


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