D4R7 Highway construction uncovers large archaeological find

Construction of the D4 / R7 highway bypass around Bratislava has resulted in more than 460 graves being uncovered in the area of Podunajské Biskupice, with the site being dated from the 8thcentury, during the Avar Khaganate period. Other valuable items, such as coins from the years 771-793, have also been found in what has become the most significant archaeological discovery in recent times.

"The size and value of this Avaric site from the 8th century is the largest archaeological discovery in Slovakia dating from the Avar Khaganate period, which has taken place in the last 40 years," said head of archaeological research at the site, Milan Horňák.

Read the full article here:  Source: Slovak Spectator

Press release (Slovak Language)

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