Summary of D4R7 construction & traffic updates valid from 18th September

Summary of upcoming restrictions and construction updates in regards to the build of the D4R7 Bratislava Bypass:

  • Road III/1377 Kráľovianky – Čukárska Paka

from 18/09/2017: the building of the detour road

  • Road III/1030 Podunajské Biskupice – Most pri Bratislave

from 18/09/2017: building of the exit to the construction site

from 25/09/2017: construction vehicles driving out of the construction site

  • Road II/502 Bratislava – Svätý Jur

from 23/09/2017: trees cutting, partial road closure

  • Street Pri Mlyne (Vajnory)

from 18/09/2017: construction vehicles driving out of the construction site



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