Traffic lights for the build of R7 expressway installed

Construction traffic from the D4R7 construction site which crosses and affects the road III/1056 between Dunajská Lužná and Kalinkovo is now in operation, including a traffic-light controlled crossroad system having been installed to coordinate the traffic.

Further traffic lights have been installed on the roads:

  • Road III/1379 between Trnávka and Macov
  • Road III/1383 between Blatná na Ostrove and Macov

From August 14th, we will start with the installation of traffic lights on the road III/1382 between Lehnice and Blatná na Ostrove, together with traffic signs for construction traffic to access the road III/1389 between Čechová and Holice.

All the traffic lights are run in amber mode until a further notice when the construction works start.