D4R7 Construction s.r.o.

D4R7 Construction s.r.o.

The consortium D4R7 Construction s.r.o. between Ferrovial Agroman and PORR has been created to  design and build the Bratislava Bypass bypass- the  27 kilometre motorway (D4) and the 32km expressway of the D4R7 project in Slovakia. The consortium is the main contractor for the Concessionaire Zero Bypass Ltd.

The D4R7 Management



Ferrovial is one of the world's leading infrastructure operators and municipal services companies, committed to developing sustainable solutions.

The company has 74,000 employees and a presence in over 15 countries. It is a member of Spain’s blue-chip IBEX 35 index and is also included in prestigious sustainability indices such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good. Almost 72% of the Group's activity now takes place outside of Spain and 49% of employees work outside of Spain.

The company’s activity is carried out through four business lines:

  • Services
  • Toll Roads
  • Construction
  • Airports

A commitment to society is one of Ferrovial’s distinguishing characteristics. Accordingly, Ferrovial is committed to Corporate Responsibility, best practices in Quality and the Environment, and the advancement of Innovation. Ferrovial provides services to large communities to promote socio-economic development, helping improve people’s living standards and contributing to their development.

Ferrovial Agroman:

Ferrovial Agroman is recognised worldwide for its ability to design and build singular constructions of all kinds, from civil engineering to buildings, and especially large transport infrastructure. Ferrovial Agroman has been operating since 1927 and has almost 90 years of experience in construction with over 50 years of international activity in more than 50 countries in the 5 continents and in excess of 750 projects successfully carried out.

The division’s track record to date includes the building of more than 520 km of tunnels, 19,800 km of roads (including 4,300 km of motorways) and 5,100 km of railways (including 866 km of high speed lines).


Company Profile

PORR. Success through intelligent growth.

With around 16,000 staff members and production output of around EUR 3.5bn (as of year-end 2015), PORR is one of the largest Austrian construction companies and one of Europe’s leading infrastructure specialists. As a full service provider, it covers every aspect of the modern construction industry – from building construction through to complex projects in railway and bridge construction, tunnelling and road construction.

The Group generates more than 86% of its production output on the five stable home markets of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic. In terms of projects, the Group additionally works in selected countries in the CEE/SEE region such as Slovakia, in Scandinavia, the UK and Qatar. PORR AG is one of the oldest Austrian listed companies and has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since April 1869; today it is listed on the prime market.

PORR in Slovakia

PORR has been involved in Slovakia since 1991. Apart from its headquarters in Bratislava, it is represented with an additional construction office in Žilina. 2010 saw the merger with TEERAG-ASDAG Slovakia to form a Group company. Since then, PORR has been working under the name of PORR s.r.o in Slovakia. 

In Slovakia, PORR offers all construction services of a full-service provider in the framework of large-scale projects. When it comes to building construction, the range includes general contractor projects such as shopping centres, office and company buildings as well as DIY superstores. 

In the field of civil engineering, the focus lies on large-scale infrastructure projects in road, bridge, railway and power station construction which PORR offers and implements for both public and private clients. PPP projects represent another pillar of its activities. 

Road construction
Bridge building
Rail construction

For further questions please contact:

Sandra C. Bauer

Corporate Spokesperson PORR AG

  +43 (0)664 626-3338