How can I find information about the project?

Click on the main navigation toolbar:  „About the project“. This part summarises overall information and the key D4/R7 facts, including the Bypass visualisations. For up to date information, please click on the section „News“ of the main navigation toolbar.

I am only interested in a specific section of the project. How can I find information about the selected section only?

The web page offers a simple and user friendly searching experience, based on your selection of the D4R7 construction section you are interested in. The search can be easily managed from the D4R7 home page, by using the D4R7 interactive map, or via the navigation sub-menu located under the tab „About the project“  of the main web page toolbar. Moreover, the filter will be applied to all the content uploaded on the web page in sections News and Media Library.

Where do I find information about diverted traffic, transit of construction machinery or any other potential disruptions related to expected construction works?

This sort of information is to be included in the News section. To search for a specific diversion / disruption in relation to a specific area, please use the search tool per the D4R7 construction sections.

I am interested in becoming involved as a subcontractor/ 3rd  party supplier. What should I do?

On the main toolbar, please click „Opportunities“ and select the sub-menu „Subcontractors“.  On this page, you can find information about ongoing open calls in procurement and further announcements targeted at the 3rd  party suppliers.  If you are interested in how you can become part of the selection process or should you have any questions about the current status of your offer assessment, please contact us via the provided contact form or directly at:  procurement@d4r7.com The address is available for further communication for all professionals in the construction sector, but also for other suppliers of ancillary services required to ensure construction activities of D4R7.  We welcome enquiries from SMEs, established companies as well as self-employed individuals.

I am interested in official documents of the D4R7 project that are made to available to the public. Where can I find them?

Official documents that are available to the public are listed in the section „Press room“ of the main navigation toolbar. In this section, there are press releases together with the official documents related to the D4R7 project. Older D4R7 documents (from the tender phase) etc. are a part of the “Archive” created on this web page too.

I have noticed a Health & Safety issue. How can I report it?

Health & Safety is at the very core of all our activities. Should you have any doubts about H&S policy or you have observed any actions or situations that appear to be against H&S guidelines,  please do report them  immediately through the electronic form “Report an Issue”, that can be found under the tab Questions/Issues on the main navigation toolbar. To secure effective investigation of the observation, please complete all required information.

I would like to report an issue in regards to the construction works.  What should I do?

To report an issue and submit a complaint, so that we can start official investigation, please use the electronic form „Issue Report“ that can be found  on the page Report an Issue, under the section FAQs on the main navigation toolbar. Before submitting your complaint, please do read instructions to help you fill in all required information and to understand the grievance process which will  follow. We kindly inform you effective investigation can be held only when receiving all the mandatory data that is clearly marked on the Issue Report.

What is the complaint process?

We take all the complaints very seriously and endeavour to respond as swiftly as possible. The process of dealing with a complaint is to be managed according to the agreed scheme which is officially published on this web page, in the section „Report an Issue“. During the investigation and after its completion, you will be informed about the status of your complaint, and a proposed solution, according to a pre-defined communication matrix.

Where can I find information about the Environmental impact of the project?

Regular reports such as dust density monitoring, Annual Environmental reports and other official documents will be published in the section „Press Room“ of the main navigation toolbar, under the sub-section „Documents“. Short up-to-date information related to the construction works can be found in the section „News“. Information in this section (News) can be easily filtered by the  section of construction you are interested in.

I am a representative of a local Municipality. I have a question about the D4R7 project and I would like to link our municipality web page to the D4R7 web page. What should I do?

To enable us to respond quickly, please use the electronic contact form that can be found in the section „Contact“ of the main navigation toolbar. Please, complete all mandatory fields and before submitting your question, click on the „municipality“ category.

We are very pleased with the initiative of municipalities to create a D4R7 tab on their web pages, and to provide direct D4/R7 updates to their local community. To align on the brand identity of the project and its visual communication, please contact us to provide you with the project logo and a visual for the D4R7 tab/banner.

I am interested in careers opportunities. Where can I find information?

Please click on the section  „Opportunities“ (on the main navigation menu)  and then select „Careers“. In this part, you can find a summary of all open vacancies listed chronologically.  To search quickly per specific categories, please use the icons navigation tool.  If you are interested in a specific job that is a part of the actual list, apply for the position by using the electronic form.

In case you have not found a suitable position but you are still interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and select the area of work you are interested in, from menu. We will  keep your CV on our database and for relevant opportunities in the future. Direct contact email address: jobs@d4r7.com


Where do I find information about the consortiums – the Concessionaire and the Contractor?

The information is available under the tab D4R7 on the main navigation toolbar and listed under the sub-pages Zero Bypass Ltd.( concessionaire) and the D4R7 Construction s.r.o. (contractor)

Can I follow D4R7 on social media and receive project updates?

You can follow the D4R7 project on social media too. To receive regular updates, just click on the social media icons displayed on the D4R7 web page and follow us. On top of that, new statuses from social media will pop up in the "News” section of the D4R7 web page. This will enable you to stay connected and share the content.

I have a question. How can I submit it?

To contact us, please use the form that is available in the „Contact“ section. Before submitting your question, please choose the category related to your enquiry. The most frequently asked questions & answers are summarised in the tab FAQs.  Due to numbers of questions, we reserve the right not to answer all questions dealt with in the FAQs section.

In case you would like to report an issue, please use the form dedicated to reporting problems related to the construction process. Such enquiries are answered individually. This form is available in the section „Report an Issue“ with clear guidelines- on the type of issue that can be reported via the grievance process and how to proceed.