Another section of the Bratislava bypass opened


Zero bypass of Bratislava opens another new section

Bratislava 11. February 2020 – The company D4R7, the contractor of the zero bypass of Bratislava, opened another section of D4 on Thursday, February 11, in the length of 7.1 km between the intersection of Vrakuňa and Ivanka Západ (Senecká cesta). Drivers heading from the R7 road and adjacent villages, who have so far had to use part of the Bratislava bypass, will for the first time, be able to completely bypass the capital and reach the old Senecká road.

From 11th February, concrete barriers, adaptation of temporary traffic signs and other activities necessary for the start-up of operations are being removed in the area. Before that, the final inspections of the entire section were carried out with representatives of the police as well as the Ministry of Transport. In the afternoon, the section was opened to motorists

"At a time of pandemic, which has so much affected the lives of all of us, the completion and launch of the next section of D4R7 is a success that will be fel, especially by those drivers who still have to travel for work. Therefore, I would also like to thank the representatives of the police force and the Ministry of Transport for their excellent cooperation, thanks to which we can make the lives of thousands of motorists easier,” said Michael Heerdt, CEO of D4R7 Construction.

  • Drivers can use the exit branches and the straight direction at the Vrakuňa junction in the direction from the Bratislava-Východ junction.
  • Also the entrance branch at the intersection Bratislava-East from the road I/61 in the direction from Bratislava and the branch in the direction from Senec.
  • There are also exit branches at the Vrakuňa junction from road II/572A and a straight direction at the Vrakuňa junction in the direction from the Podunajské Biskupice junction.

The construction of the D4 highway and the R7 expressway is not only the largest infrastructure project in Slovakia, but also one of the largest PPP projects in Europe. The concessionaire of the project is the company Zero Bypass s.r.o., which provides financing, construction and operation of the Bratislava bypass for a period of 30 years. The main contractor of the project is the company D4R7 Construction.

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