Health & Safety

Zdravie & Bezpečnosť

Zero accident culture    Dodržiavanie našich ZLATÝCH PRAVIDIEL je srdcom konceptu Kultúry Nulovej Úrazovosti 


Compliance with our GOLDEN RULES at the heart of Zero Accident Culture

SAFETY starts with you


The D4R7 project has developed these 7 GOLDEN RULES to help us to aim for the “Zero Accident Culture.” 

The D4R7 team provides a common set of behavioural rules that underpin a safe and healthy working environment, whilst working with subcontractors and all business partners, and supporting the whole supply chain.

We are aware that many individuals working in the construction industry have the attitude that “it will never change in the  construction industry”.

That is the reason we want to try to change this attitude and state of mind – together with you. In fact, we want to inspire you to take greater personal responsibility for health and safety and to aim to fulfil our common ambition for this project - the Zero Accident Culture.

Safety starts with ourselves. 
It is the way of thinking and it must start within every single one of us. Returning home safe to family is the most important thing to me and it shall be the most important thing to you as well.

You should not put your life at risk. 
So do the right thing and always work safely!

Juan José Bregel
General Manager D4R7





They focus on daily activities that are commonly carried out on our site. 

Do not forget there are also specific high risk activities that must be coordinated and managed in line with the necessary safe systems of work and permits.

The principles of these GOLDEN RULES and the activities linked to them help us to work better together, smarter and safer - so that every single one of us gets home unharmed every day.

How do you behave at daily work on site? 

•   How do you THINK?
•   How do you ACT?
•   What do you SAY?

Nájdite si čas na prečítanie a občas aj na zopakovanie si týchto Zlatých pravidiel. Hovorte o nich s ľuďmi, s ktorými pracujete a začnite ich pri každodennej práci uplatňovať – a to už od dnes!



Care about everyone´s safety including your own.

  •  Turn up fit and ready for work
  •  Plan and think first before you start work
  • Observe what is going on around you


Take immediate action and report all unsafe situations.

  • Do not turn a blind eye when seeing unsafe situations
  • Speak up when you see something wrong, share your observations with the person responsible
  • Consider the health impacts of every task


Always wear the Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Be the correct example for others
  • Do not underestimate the role of PPE on site
  • Do not compromise on wearing PPE


Check all tools and equipment before use.

  • Regular visual check
  • Correct tool for the job
  • Clean and in good condition


Respect signs, warnings and emergency signals.

  • Do not enter exclusion zones, respect all restrictions
  • Know your evacuation routes
  • Respect the traffic signs


Comply with safe driving rules – seatbelt fastened,  no speeding, no mobile.

  • Always fasten your seatbelt
  • Do not use mobile phone when driving
  • Respect the speed limit


Comply with zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs at work.

  • No alcohol
  • No drugs
  • Random testing


The following eight key activities have been identified as high risk across the D4R7 project.  They need to be carefully planned and managed with a higher level of control than may be normal for other activities.

Always follow the site specific rules and requirements related to performance of these activities- follow safe procedures, risk assessment, and PPE requirements associated with these activities.

Only undertake these tasks if you are suitably trained, informed on the safe procedure and competent to do so.

  • Identify buried services
  • Assess ground stability

  • Avoid the landslip (safe slopes or shoring)

  • Do not forget about the key rule: to see and to be seen
  • Work are has to be always separated from the traffic
  • The machine has no brain… use your own

  • Stay away from moving machinery

  • Never lose track of your surroundings

  • Always use proper fall protection

  • Ensure you have received fall safety training

  • Keep the site clear of people or other machinery

  • Do not walk under moving loads

  • Mind the jumping sparks  
  • Always wear the Fire Protective Equipment - PPE
  • Electricity can turn you Off
  • Take care when working with it