How will you deal with my complaint?

How will you deal with my grievance?

Once the complaint is received, we will start the process as follows:

 Registration of complaints
Your complaint will be given a Complaint Reference Number which will be used in our further communication. The number will be generated within 5 working days when submitting the issue online, and up to 10 days for complaints to be received by post. When raising the issue by phone, the complaint reference number will be given immediately.

2  Investigation
The investigation will be undertaken in 20 working days, and to be started from the day of receiving your complaint reference number. In case it is needed to contact you to secure the effective investigation, we might contact you for further details to be reported. In specific occasions the investigation may take longer than stated, and you will be informed about it in advance.

Having completing the investigation, we will contact you to inform you about the investigation findings, and a proposed solution - if the complaint is found relevant. If conclusion of the investigation states that your complaint does not relate to the project’s activities, or if ongoing project activities are in line within the relevant Slovak and International Standards (e.g. for grievances related to environmental impacts of the Project), you will be delivered an official statement explaining the whole situation.

If you agree with a proposed solution, you will be asked to sign a statement of satisfaction, to confirm it.

If you are not satisfied with the solution and its implementation, you can require further actions – to identify if there any other steps which can be taken to resolve the issue.

4   Follow up
To follow up the implementation of the solution and its impact on resolving the issue, we may contact even after the official conclusion of your grievance.

If you wish your grievance to remain confidential, we will ensure that your name and contact details are not disclosed without your consent, and only a team directly involved in your grievance investigation will have an access to it. If it is not possible for the team to fully investigate the grievance without revealing your identity (for example if you are required to give evidence in court) the investigation team will discuss with you how you wish to proceed further.

If you wish to raise an issue anonymously, you can do so and your complaint will be taken very seriously, but we will obviously not be able to respond to you with outcomes.

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