Report an issue

Report an issue

It is crucially important to us to ensure the safe and successful delivery of construction works and the smooth operation of the D4 Motorway and R7 Expressway. 

Every effort is made for this to happen.

We would therefore like to hear about any concerns or complaints that you have in relation to the project’s activities that might have an impact on local communities and stakeholders living in the surrounding area.  In case you experience disruptions, or you are affected by the construction, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and report the issue, using an Issue Report submit form. 

Raise an issue:

  • is possible by filling in the public complaint electronic form available on the web page
  • by downloading and filling in the complaint form. Afterwards, the completed form has to be sent to contacts provided, either by post or by e-mail
  • by filling in a printed version of the complaint form to be available at the local  municipalities' offices. Afterwards, the completed form has to be sent to contacts provided, either by post or by e-mail
  • by phone: +421 222 116 660

Type of complaints to submit:

  • Negative impacts on local residents (such as excessive dust, noise, disruption, etc.)
  • Negative environmental impact caused by the project activities
  • Practices that endanger the health and safety of employees, subcontractors or residents
  • Failure to meet the labour rights of employees/ subcontractors working on the project

To proceed with effective investigation, we kindly ask to complete all the required information, your contact details including.  If you wish to raise a complaint anonymously, you can do so, and the justification of your complaint will be investigated. Though, we will not able to give you a feedback on detections.

Contacts:  |  Postal address : Zero Bypass Ltd., Odborárska 21, 831 02 Bratislava |



Contact details:

Details of your complaint:
Please fill in details of your complaint. Try to describe specific issues you are experiencing. (when/ how often, etc.) to find out if your complaint is relevant to the project.

By submitting this form, I express consent for the processing of my personal data and information provided within the investigation process of my complaint..


The completed form can be sent either by email or by post to the following address: Postal address: Zero Bypass Ltd., Odborárska 21, 83102 Bratislava, E-mail:
Note: If you are submitting your complaint by the elec
tronic form through this web page, there is no need to submit it by email as well. Thank you.